Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh la vâche.

Like ole Le Grand there, life has been a little too busy and fun to sit down and blog about it. Or, I'm just a procrastinator. Maybe a bit of both.

I knew from the beginning that six weeks would just be too short a time to enjoy everything Brussels (and, uh, Europe!) has to offer. I feel like I was just starting to really get comfortable with the city, my internship, and my host family and now I'll be leaving in two days. I've had some really incredible moments while living and working here, and while it hasn't been exactly what I expected (for better or worse), I, however, am better off for having met all the people that have shared in this experience, from fellow students to my supervisors to my host family, and expanding my horizon a bit further. I've had a great time and I'll miss the music and art in the Metro, the wine with lunch, the heart-to-hearts with my host mom, and, yes, even all that research on security and defense equipment procurement directives.

And now, here are some tips:

-Bring warm clothing. I don't care when you're coming, Brussels will be chilly and rainy. Not all the time, mind you, but enough to warrant some hoodies, jeans, and real shoes.

-Speaking of shoes, don't bring heels. I wear them from time to time in DC without incident, but here I wear flats and still come close to breaking my ankle at least twice a day. The uneven blocks and cobblestones will get you.

-Go to Jerry's lectures, you'll be glad you did.

-Do not buy Speculoos!! It is insanely delicious and pure evil.

- This is not a piece of advice, but a joke my host mom's brother told me.

Teacher: So, Billy, what does your father do?
Billy: My father died last year.
Teacher: Oh, no, I am so sorry to hear that. What did he do before he died?
Billy: *clutches throat and falls to floor* AArrgghhhhhhh!!!!

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