Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jesica Kincaid

So here it is, my last day in Brussels has come to an end and I am writing my first blog post. Just goes to show how fast time flies here.

While in Brussels my internship was at the Transatlantic Business Dialogue. It was a nice place to work and my boss and supervisor were very friendly.

Brussels is an exciting and interesting place to spend some time. Just this week Belgium took over the presidency of the EU and there were celebrations and advertisements all over the city. For anyone who is interested in learning about the EU, this is the place to be.

During my time in Europe I have traveled around Belgium, to Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Paris. I had a final trip to Barcelona planned but thanks to the French and their love of strikes that was unfortunately cancelled. Overall I had a great time traveling, even getting to visit some family.

For anyone that is planning to come to Brussels, come prepared for crazy weather, friendly people, delicious beer, and dangerously good chocolate. It is really a nice place.

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