Thursday, May 20, 2010

I dream of waffles!

Is it crazy that I have been in Brussels since Saturday and I have YET to try their waffles? I figure I'm just trying not to overload myself with too many amazing Belgian experience all at once. I'm thinking I'll have one this week as a reward for getting through all of my interviews in one day, while almost missing the first one because of listening to someone else intead of my own instincts regarding directions, almost not getting money from western union because of technicalities, etc., all without cutting someone off at the knees out of sheer frustration. I'm quite proud of myself! Plus, because of the chaos that was yesterday, today I can be in chill mode and go at a more relaxed pace. In the end it was worth it, and after the first interview I wasn't nervous anymore (except for the one where 10 of us had an interview with the same person, ugh).

Sooo..Brussels thus far...We've done quite a bit of walking and have seen a surprising number of sites in only a few days (of course here, everything you look at could be considered a sight because everything is very old and therefore has SO much history to it, and the architecture is great). Since you can never really put your experience into words, I won't even bother right now and will instead give you a few photos.

This last one was taken the Saturday everyone had to be at our hotel. I've never tried to walk on stilts, but I'm pretty sure it's at least a bit difficult. When you include wearing a chicken costume...yeah. This person has mad skills, haha.

Well, that's it for now, kids! There are things to do and more of Brussels to enjoy! If I have time later tonight, I may even put up a couple pictures of the peeing boy statue.

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