Friday, June 25, 2010

Return to the Motherland!

I'm entering the blogging game a little late due to technical difficulties... SO while I am completely American (not just the University mind you, and to clarify for all South and Central Americans I am more specifically North American a "United States of American") my family ancestry is Dutch and I come from a small town that clings to its own dutch heritage (Pella, Iowa). So a trip to the Netherlands/Holland was right up my alley (I even brought and wore my Dutch soccer/football Jersey).

Anyways, the Netherlands is notorious for bikers, windmills, orange, wooden shoes, tulips, dikes, and liberal thinking. We experienced all of the above while we were in Amsterdam (well we technically didn't see any dikes, but we did see lots of canals and land that probably wouldn't be accessible except for the dike system, so I think that counts). One thing to note is that bikers always have the right of way, even before pedestrians. So when you cross the street make sure you look both ways at least three times -once for cars, once for trams, once for bikers!

I Amsterdam (get it!?)
Also you have to love the Dutch fronts (gables) that in ye olden days helped people with directions and basically served as "addresses".

Me in Dutch Jersey with Stroepwafels (yum!) Dutch are also known for their pastries

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